Kind Words

"Before my Goddess Portraiture experience I was very unhappy with myself and my life. I wanted to see myself and my sexuality in a different light, one that I felt was true to myself. I really didn’t like the way I looked in photographs. I recently had a boudoir photoshoot, which had its good points but this was very much about fitting myself against an image that is based on someone else's idea of beauty.

goddess portraiture before and after

The magic of Goddess Portraiture lies in the fact that Samjhana really learns a lot about you as a person in order to give you an experience that you will enjoy. The photo session day was very free-flowing and I was very happy with the results. The photographs are highly imaginative and capture an essence of me that I have been hoping to find: a beauty and sexuality that is simple and joyous in itself, without being childlike or pandering to society's ideal of womanhood.

The Goddess Portraiture experience really is a celebration of your true self, in a way that you have probably considered before, but not thought possible. Try it and I guarantee the way you perceive yourself will change for the better.

Now I no longer feel the need to compare myself to others or latch onto media trends. I know now that I am beautiful in my own way."

Goddess Natasha



"Dear Samjhana, I just want to thank you for my amazing experience! For all the love and care you put into each and every photograph! This is truly a healing experience which I thoroughly enjoyed. Very special and very much all about me! Thank you lovely Goddess xxxxx"

Goddess Sonja


"I love ritual and ceremony and this experience was the perfect way to mark a massive change in my life... turning 40, career change and re-evaluation of my life, goals. Being open to your potential, individuality and seeing the positive aspects of who you are, then experiencing these both emotionally and physically in this unique way is an amazing gift to receive… And, at the end of the experience to have wonderful photographs to reflect the moment and to treasure forever… the sense of joy, liberation and a reminder of your purpose which, in a hectic world, can sometimes be lost in the noise. I certainly feel more in touch with my own feelings and femininity now and every day I try to live in a realm of calmness and happiness... a new amazing me!"

Goddess Catrin


"I had the most brilliant time working with Samjhana, she gets to the heart of who you really are and brings out the ‘natural you’ – albeit looking as fabulous as possible!"

Janey Lee Grace


As women we all have many labels we are mothers, wives, sisters and daughters. I found Goddess Portraiture an amazingly liberating experience which allowed the veils to drop away and for me to reconnect with the beautiful divine feminine that exists within each and everyone of us.

The whole day with Samjhana was an adventure, it was wonderful to be able to take time to go out and explore and just let the day unfold. Samjhana was wonderful and full of wisdom, love and insight. It was a day of firsts. First time climbing a tree first time changing my clothes in the woods first time posing on the beach nude! All of which was liberating and incredibly fun!

Overall I feel more relaxed and accepting with who I am and the stage of life that I am at, I feel liberated and also very proud of my beach shot...which is quite a big thing for me to do at very nearly 40! I saw myself in a different light, I am don't feel as critical of myself anymore or scared of ageing...because I am ageing well LOL!”

Goddess Subpreet


"Samjhana Moon is a magician. For years I loathed having my photo taken because I always looked like I was suffering from advanced myxomatosis. That, or I'd just committed some terrible crime.

goddess portraiture before and after

Then Samjhana came along and, being ridiculously confident at what she does, relieved me of not only my masks, but, miraculously, all of my clothes as well.

Suddenly, with a few well timed jokes, an impish talent for seeing and capturing the essence of her subject the moment she has them in her lens, and an enormous capacity for loving kindness, Samjhana Moon transformed me from a frightened rabbit into a celestial goddess.

That woman is nothing short of a genius."

Goddess Rosie


goddess portraiture A process of divine wholeness, a recognising of your inner and outer strength and beauty, capturing your spirit in a place of your choosing. It will almost certainly exceed your expectations.

I am already planning to have another session when I need next to make friends with myself again.

Goddess Rooth


goddess-portraiture"Samjhana has an incredible ability to simply make you feel at ease, as if the world has stopped and nothing else is going on around you. My experience was a truly inspirational one and I just love what she achieved with my photos. Simply put she captured the essence of the moment on camera. I will be booking her again soon!"

Goddess Shirley


"I’m not normally comfortable having my picture taken but I really enjoyed stepping outside my comfort zone. I was pretty open and willing to go with the flow of the day and it worked out well. I still can’t believe it’s me in the pictures! Whenever I look at my portraits, I feel a real sense of joy and pride. I remember the emotions of the day with a sense of freedom."

Goddess Michelle


"I rediscovered my femininity and I feel more comfortable with my body now. Samjhana has got a great eye and insight to reveal the goddess within. Everything was well organised and because Samjhana is trusting life, we even had little extras during the photo session that were very welcome… even the rain went away!"

Goddess Roxane


goddess-portraiture"This experience was a huge personal and professional milestone for me. Samjhana's support and encouragement during the preparation step was a vital part of the whole experience. Nothing like an impending photoshoot to show up any lurking self doubt!! But with Samjhana's loving, insightful guidance, I was soon ready to step up and out again - and totally ENJOY becoming more visible.

When I first viewed the slide show of my photoshoot I cried! The results speak for themselves. Samjhana has seen into my being and expressed my unique qualities in such a beautiful way.  Not only is Samjhana a FANTASTIC photographer with a real genius for capturing the magic and beauty of each person's essence, she is warm, wild, wise, inspired and such a delightful person. Every part of the process from initial conversation, coaching, deciding on costume and location, to final delivery of the images was graced with such generosity, respect and precision.

An absolutely platinum service and incredible value for money."

Goddess Maggie


"As a result of my session with Samjhana, I am starting to realise a side of me that I never thought I would acknowledge. Friends have commented on how buoyant and radiant I have been since the session even though I had not told them of my Goddess Portraiture experience. I have learned to accept that being a woman does not mean being abused and violated but to be appreciated and adored."

Goddess Hettie"For years I have lived quietly with my eating disorder. Samjhana reminded me what’s it’s like to be back in the real world. My session with Samjhana was much more than a photo-shoot – it was a therapeutic experience, truly uplifting and confidence boosting! I feel like I’ve jumped a couple of stepping stones towards my long path to recovery from my eating disorder. The confidence this project has given me made it possible for me to begin socialising again. I went out with the girls for the first time in 15 years to celebrate my birthday recently. Thank you Samjhana, you’re a life saver!"

Goddess Julie


goddess-portraitI booked a session to celebrate turning 40 and to have something to inspire me in those 'down' moments. I had a couple of definite ideas in mind which Samjhana went out of her way to prepare for in advance and capture on the day.

I posed nude for my session and I really enjoyed casting off my inhibitions and feeling immersed in nature.  When I viewed my images on site I was slightly shocked (is that really me?) but very pleased! 

When I look at my portrait I'm taken straight back to the day - it completely encapsulates the whole experience. Since the session I've noticed I have more confidence in myself also a deepening in my spirituality and a deeper sense of myself (I've started to keep a lunar diary!) and better awareness of Mother Earth

Goddess Jenny


“Go for it! This experience will change the way you see yourself and boost your confidence immensely. Samjhana will surround you with her love light and support your growth into the beauty that you may not have seen before.

Before the experience I was totally under confident and shyed away from having anyone take a photograph of me whereas now I take it all in my stride!”

Goddess Rachel


"My Goddess experience reminded me that being vulnerable is not a weakness but rather a strength. Being naked is both about being vulnerable and strong, and in fact these two words are not mutually exclusive but rather synonymous with each other. If more people were honest with their feelings of vulnerability and happy to show the soft and gentle side of their character, then perhaps the world would be a better place."

Goddess Maddie


"I used to feel uncomfortable when I looked at myself in photos, and the thought of having my portrait taken made me feel uneasy and tense. Samjhana freed me of my worries and unmasked my higher self, who appreciates that beauty as an emotion. Samjhana has transformed the lives of so many women, including myself, she has reconnect me with my inner child who is confident and creative, and holds no fear of reaching out to the stars to realise dreams. I now feel a great sense of self-belief and inspiration when I look at my portrait; this is my personal sunrise that has awakened the artist in me."

Goddess Claire


“I wish I could have the whole experience all over again! The positive feedback I received from Samjhana and her encouragement of how well I took a photo was definitely a confidence boost. When I first saw the images on site I was very excited! Humbled and surprised by how great I looked, I couldn’t believe that the woman on the screen was me!
I was amazed that Samjhana had captured a side of me I have never seen in photos. I loved seeing the final images, it made me feel beautiful and proud! Usually I feel awkward in front of a camera but this didn’t show at all. I looked relaxed, comfortable and sexy! Wow!”

Goddess Hannah


“Samjhana took my suggestions for clothing, setting and mood I wanted and moved it to an amazing new level to create my stunning Goddess Portraits. Very impressed when I saw the final images. I felt a sense of pride showing my friends and family the photos. Amazing and very surreal to see myself from another perspective thanks to Samjhana's fabulous photography”

Goddess Haley


“This was the first time I had ‘dolled up’ post pregnancy, I never thought I could pull off moss green! Samjhana made me feel very comfortable, I am very pleased with the results. I also remembered how much fun it was to climb trees – very liberating.”

Goddess Toni


“Everything I believed I was, was reflected back to me when I saw my portrait. I felt like this was complete truth.”

Goddess Rajinder


“A light, fun and magical experience. One of those sacred moments in life which has left me with a sense of empowerment that I was quite disconnected from before. Samjhana can somehow lure that twinkle of magic out of you, in her gentle, beautiful and creative way she connects with your beauty and your surroundings and brings it all together in a divine concoction. What an empowering and yummy treat!!!”

Goddess Tille


"On the day of the session I felt nervous and excited at the same time, then when I saw the images I said ‘Wow’. I have more confidence outside and in, happier with myself naturally and free to wear less make up!"

Goddess Hastie

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"Samjhana Moon’s beautiful portraits show the inner beauty of all the women she photographs in a way that is even a surprise to them.  I am delighted to have worked with her on my BLOOM Retreat where she truly made the other women into goddesses as well as with the lovely photographs she has taken of me in my garden."

Lynne Franks