The World's 1st menstruation and moon clock!

A complete system created by Samjhana Moon to align your schedule, your menstrual cycle and the moon phases to access the heightened abilities and unused power of your natural cycles

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Heart Wisdom Cards

This beautiful set of 50 cards offer you daily inspiration and guidance in the form of quotes from Women of our past and present. 

Specially chosen by Samjhana Moon, this collection of uplifting quotes will re-awaken your inner Goddess, inspire your feminine confidence and connect you with your innate beauty.

Samjhana Moon - Inner Seasons Mentor

"Reaching our fullest potential as women has never been easier. With awareness of our hormonal tides and by working with the 4 phases or ‘Inner seasons’ of our cycle we can love ourselves everyday of the month. We can achieve more in less time and are more creative. We can rekindle our childlike sense of adventure and improve our relationships. By learning to be 'cycle-wise' you'll take the right action at the right time and live in the flow of life.”

Testimonial for Inner Seasons

"I’m more productive, more authentic and getting better results with everything I do.


I’ve worked with my  feminine power for years and have struggled to find a mentor who can teach me more than I already know.  Yet Samjhana blew me away.  Her Inner Seasons concept deepened everything I knew and took it to the next level.  Since implementing this I’ve gained greater awareness of how my own menstrual cycle interacts with the cycle of the moon and how I can use this to drive my business forward. "

Tabitha Jayne, Certified Professional Coach