Sarah's Journey

Discover how Sarah went from body loathing to body confidence and how her feminine strength was born of her vulnerability. 2 years later Sarah’s portraits continue to inspire her to be brave and feel the deep connection with nature.
I decided to have my Goddess Portraiture experience to celebrate that I had recently lost about 5 stone and was really unsure about who I was as a skinnier person. 
I had abused my body for years and hated it with a passion. I wanted to see myself in a different light and do something that challenged me. I wanted to learn to love my body more, understand me more and explore my connection with nature.  I was having trouble with balancing the feminine and negative parts of myself and felt this might help. 
My photo experience was a gorgeous day, at a gorgeous location and I really enjoyed spending time focused on me doing something that was purely selfish.  I decided I wanted to pose nude for my pictures even though the idea frightened me, I felt fully supported by Samjhana and I discovered that when you are naked in nature, you experience the natural energy of nature and feel connected.
My portrait with the tree looks like a dragon to me, and it feels like I am surrendering my heart to the tree. This allowed me to see that everything in nature is hard and soft and you need to find a place of balance, which allowed me to tap in the feminine qualities and balance the gentleness with the strength. 
I remember seeing one particular photo and just being blown away by it. I saw a vulnerability and a power that I had never seen in me before and it made me very impatient to see the rest. 
When I looked at the online gallery, at first I thought that it couldn’t be me, but the more I looked at them the more I saw different, perhaps hidden elements in me that I hadn’t seen before. I really sensed the thought that had gone into creating them. 
After my experience the first change was that I began to love myself and my body more and develop areas within me that I saw in the pictures. I had always been petrified of getting naked in public, but with Samjhana’s support I managed to do it and I still believe today that if I do the thing that scares me the most, what can stop me getting what I want? 
As a result of this experience I feel much stronger, which has changed me quite significantly. I no longer make excuses for the strong, powerful woman I am. I left my old social circles so that I could feel more supported in my new direction. I have let go of my judgement and started to allow things to unfold naturally. The session also opened up a more intuitive and spiritual side to me, which I am still exploring to this day. 
My Goddess Portraits are by my bed and the first thing I see every morning and every evening. They remind me how brave I am and how powerful I am as a woman and I start and end each day with that thought – what could be more inspiring? 
If you are reading this and for whatever reason you are considering your own experience with Samjhana, I guarantee that you will get the results you want and more. This session gets to the heart of you as a woman, showing you how amazing you really are. Just do it; you won’t regret it and you will get a bag full of courage, confidence and compassion as a bonus.