Goddess Michelle Aurora - Reflections of an Autumn Goddess

Discover how Michelle's Goddess experience transformed her self-belief in 2012 and helped her embrace her WOMAN energy. One year later her new-found confidence is opening her up to deeper romance and new exciting opportunities.
 "I had my Goddess Portraiture journey in Autumn 2012 and the experience more than exceeded my expectations. Prior to my woodland photo session with Samjhana, I had always felt like a girl in a woman's world. I was in my 30s but I didn't feel like I had reached that age within myself. I was self-conscious of my ‘ginger’ hair, people would always comment on it. I was different and I didn't like it. I never felt beautiful enough compared with my brunette and blond friends. I knew in my heart that if I could embrace the colours nature had given to me I would see the beauty in my uniqueness.  I knew I wanted to experience the Goddess Portraiture journey for myself. Little did I know just how wonderful that would feel, it is by far the most image transformational experience I have had. I've never felt so seen, so much myself or so beautiful. Every woman deserves to see herself this way.
I loved being in nature. The beautiful setting for photo session day made the whole experience feel magical. Samjhana found the ideal place, where we were completely uninterrupted and free for me to express myself. Samjhana's caring and loving approach was like spending the day with a friend, we had such fun and when I was feeling cold or hungry she had already pre-empted me and had everything on hand to ensure I could enjoy myself thoroughly.  The swing we discovered was amazing fun! Finding new, creative angles, postures, foliage etc was so much fun too! I loved getting into the experience and really owning it. Samjhana showing me the photos from time to time really heightened my awareness of just how amazing I looked, I felt overwhelmed: “Wow! Is that me! This is really happening!!” It was very thrilling doing the nude shots and it's an experience I would love to have again. I didn't want to put my clothes back on! It was a delightful experience in every way.
At the end of the photo experience day I felt elated, euphoric, like I'd conquered something mystical and magical. "I'm a woman of nature! I've evolved something huge within myself. I'm not who I was. I am a brighter, bolder, beautiful me. "Holding my printed portrait in my hands was incredible. It was so loving to look myself in my eyes and see myself clearly. I felt like I'd come home. I am playful, gorgeous, glamorous, girly, womanly, wise, confident and spiritually connected by seeing myself every day in this way.
I have a completely different relationship to confidence now. I live my life seeing all the possibilities of what I can manifest. I feel completely at home interacting with people from all walks of life. My relationships with others has been enhanced and my ability to put myself first is wonderful. I love being a beam of light for others to see themselves clearly as the beautiful creatures that they are.
Now I feel comfortable to engage in all levels of romance. I enjoy the game of dating and relating with men in a whole new way with my new found confidence. I am a woman, and I am a beautiful woman. I have a vibrancy, an energy that is perceivable by friends and family and on meeting people for the first time that is so different to before my Goddess Portraiture Experience that people comment on it regularly. Opportunities for work and expressions of my passions have been coming to me easily and effortlessly and I feel so grateful.
I would love to have the experience again… as although I will always be an Autumn Goddess I would love to see myself embrace all 4 seasons! There is still so much of my woman to discover and unveil, and that excites me beyond words.
Samjhana has been a wonderful mentor to me in so many ways. When I told her of my desire to travel during our session she continued to support me in my dream and I have been happily travelling and experiencing new things for almost a year now with a place of self love and inner happiness I've never known before.
If you are considering having a Goddess experience with Samjhana then this is my message to you: For my darling sister... this is the moment you've been waiting for, to see yourself as the stunningly beautiful woman that you are, and to know that you are capable of creating whatever you choose. Mother Nature knows how to show you that you are connected to everything that is, and through this you will find so much love that you didn't even know was possible. Step into the destiny that is waiting for you. I love you."