Julie’s Journey


Julie juggled her dancing career with an eating disorder throughout the 80s and 90s. Her success on stage catapulted her into the limelight forcing her to lose touch with reality as the eating disorder took hold.

When I met Julie she was caught in a cycle of working in a charity shop and walking the short distance home to cope with her 33-year struggle with bulimia. When I told her about my project she said, “I want to be a Goddess because I don’t think I’m going to be here much longer”.
Stepping out of this cycle to create a collection of Goddess Portraits has given Julie the confidence to begin socialising again after 15 years. She recently celebrated a birthday with friends where she dined in a restaurant where no binging or purging occurred. Julie returned home that night completely satisfied, fully digesting her first meal in 33 years. This news brought tears to my eyes and was the main catalyst for the creation of Goddess Portraiture.
After many years of refusal, Julie is now receiving visits from a psychiatrist specialising in her area of need. She feels that her portrait experience has put the spark back into her life and reminded her of what it feels like to be back in the ‘real world’. It has inspired her to begin the long journey on the road to recovery.

My session with Samjhana was much more than a photo-shoot – it was a therapeutic experience, truly uplifting and confidence boosting! To feel the wind in my hair and breathe in the fresh air has given me the power and strength to be alive. Thank you Samjhana, you’re a life saver.