Jenny's Journey

Discover how Jenny’s 40th birthday Goddess experience transformed her life 2 years ago. Jenny’s new-found confidence has given her the courage she needed to start a new life as a therapist.
I made a conscious decision to celebrate my 40th birthday as a milestone with purpose – a time to erase some of the past hurts, and step on to a new path filled with opportunity, joy, passion and excitement.  But how?
I read ‘Natural Health’ magazine every month, and the summer of 2010 one issue stood out with a feature about Samjhana Moon and Goddess Portraiture. It struck an immediate chord.

I don’t like having my photo taken – I don’t consider myself to be that photogenic, and I have carried hang-ups about my body for many years. But here was a woman who’s mission it was to take women such as me and put them under the spotlight – not to parade them as objects, but to show them for who they are in all their wonderful and diverse glory.  Not in a contrived studio setting with backlighting, but in nature, and if they so wish, as nature intended. 
My own sense of spiritualty had started to blossom – in small ways, and coming out of a particularly hard time, with limited confidence.  I chatted with Samjhana on the phone prior to the shoot and felt extremely comfortable with her – she is an authentic woman, very much in touch with her own spirituality and I knew I would be safe with her.  I decided right from the start that I wanted to have pictures of me in the nude - for me, it was to symbolise shedding the past and striding unhindered and free into the future.
I met up with Samjhana at our beautiful woodland location on a glorious mild and sunny day in early October.  Lying beside a gorgeous big horse chestnut tree wearing nothing but a veil of crimson fabric felt completely delicious – totally natural and freeing.