Henrietta’s Journey


Beyond Henrietta’s bright eyes is a woman who has endured pain beyond the imagination of the average person. Her physical body faces daily challenges caused by a multitude of muscular skeletal disorders.

Tormented by her peers as a young woman and forced to mature earlier than most, Henrietta has struggled to find peace with her feminine form in adult life. Through her years of physical pain and suffering she has developed eating disorders and even attempted to take her own life.
With professional help, Henrietta has recently recovered from the eating disorders and is beginning to re-gain control of her life. Her Goddess Portrait session has provided a stepping-stone on her path of healing and self-acceptance. She feels liberated and connected with her feminine nature and for the first time in her life feels proud to be a woman.
Attending group therapy she no longer sits silently shading her face with a baseball cap, her knees clasped tightly to her chest. Henrietta’s portrait session has gifted her with a new perspective of her true self and images that she can continue to draw strength from as she transitions to a brighter future.

As a result of my session with Samjhana, I am starting to realise a side of me that I never thought I would acknowledge. Friends have commented on how buoyant and radiant I have been since the session, even though I had not told them of my experience. I have learned to accept that being a woman does not mean being abused and violated but to be appreciated and adored.

Listen to Henrietta being interviewed as a special guest live with Samjhana Moon on the Dream Corner Show