Samjhana is a visionary photographer and natural cycles mentor who empowers women to connect with their cyclical nature and discover their true radiant self. She guides you to align yourself with the seasons of your menstrual cycle, to manifest with the moon phases, and to explore the archetypes of the feminine - so you can reach your fullest potential.

Over the past 8 years Samjhana has guided hundreds of women to say 'yes' to their true radiance, allowing them to see themselves anew on an insightful photographic journey in nature. Her ability to see a person’s soul and capture their unique beauty on camera has helped many women transition from self-critical to self-confident, and supported them along their personal, professional and spiritual path. Samjhana founded Goddess Portraiture following an exhibition in 2009 called ‘The Goddess Within’ that won great praise from curators for its artistic excellence and ability to heal the subject’s self-belief.


As healers of The Wounded Feminine, she and her husband are dedicated to connecting women to the global awakening of their Inner Seasons. The Inner Seasons Wisdom Dial was founded in 2015 as a natural evolution of this work combined with 10 years personal study of the moon and menstrual cycles. It has since transitioned into a comprehensive set of tools for exploration of the natural cycles.

Samjhana is devoted to sisterhood and offering an alternative lens that challenges the media’s distorted projection of beauty and releasing the taboo around menstruation.


Samjhana won People’s Choice Speaker for TEDx Totnes 2015. Watch her talk here:



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