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. . . it’s no coincidence that you are here and that’s because you’re searching for something. Something authentic which empowers you. Something with depth that speaks to your heart. Something . . . more you.

What would it be worth to you, to not just to see yourself as beautiful, but to feel beautiful? To discover an inner confidence that no-one can question and no-one can take-away? What if there was a everlasting way to discover, honour and celebrate all that you truly are?

Do you wish . . .

     You had the confidence to begin realising your dreams and actually live your greatest happiness?

     You could improve your relationship with yourself and with other people in your life?

     You could shift your perspective when you look in the mirror and be happy with your reflection exactly as you are?

     You had the confidence to trust your intuitive impulses and go with the flow?

     You could feel comfortable allowing your softer feminine qualities to shine through?

You're current reality is a world that demands only a fraction of the magnificent woman that you really are. And although you have been following a path designed to bring you meaning, life can become more like an uninspiring routine where you find yourself feeling detached from the real you.

Our society is lacking the lifestyle choices that allow you to fully honour yourself as a woman. Perhaps you’ve splashed out on clothes, make-up, pampering and even photo-shoots, but still something is missing. Or maybe you’ve exhausted that avenue, having completely abandoned beautifying yourself so you no longer choose invest in such things. Either way, you find yourself unfulfilled, self-critical and never satisfied with how you feel on the inside.

     You frequently compare yourself to others or to images you see in the media and feel you'll never match up.

     You rarely like the way you look in pictures and fail to be satisfied with your reflection in the mirror.

     You’re tired of pandering to society’s ideal of womanhood and you feel your life has become an act.

     You are aware of something connecting you to the subtle rhythms of life and you are ready to discover it in your own way.

These feelings have been weighing on you and you sense that a transformation must take place for you to fully embody the beautiful, sensitive, intuitive, powerful, creative woman you aspire to be.

This experience really is a celebration of your true self, in a way that you have probably considered before but not thought possible. Try it and I guarantee the way you perceive yourself will change for the better. Goddess Natasha

So now ask yourself this . . . Isn’t it time you gave yourself permission to spread your wings and step into the glorious Goddess you were born to be? To really see yourself in truth and know yourself as beautiful? Isn’t it time for freedom from the pressures of modern life? Time to embrace all aspects of your feminine nature and accept yourself as you are?

Does the possibility of this transformation taking place give you goose bumps, make you nervous or even frighten you in some way? I imagine it does, it takes courage to take the first step on a new path. Change means we put our faith in the unknown and being truly seen requires you to focus your energy, as an act of self love and willingness to invest in your personal growth.

Samjhana Moon is not only a brilliant photographer and artist, she takes people on a journey, a beautiful journey back to the beauty of YOU. Goddess Sonja

Imagine beginning this journey of liberation with a transformational guide, with you every step of the way to show you along the trail. What if this guide were to forge this trail just for you and was entirely focused on taking care of you? Envision an experience crafted to re-vitalise you, one with fun-filled magical moments and loving kindness. An experience from which your true beauty emerged, a beauty that  was always inside of you, a beauty which you could hold in your own hands.

For years I LOATHED having my photo taken because I looked like I'd just committed some terrible crime. Then Samjhana came along with her impish talent for seeing and capturing the essence of her subject the moment she has them in her lens, and an enormous capacity for loving kindness, Samjhana Moon transformed me from a frightened rabbit into a celestial Goddess. Goddess Rosie

Goddess Portraiture was created by Samjhana Moon with you in mind. Stepping into this experience is like being a caterpillar that awakens from its slumber in the sanctuary of her cocoon to discover that she is in fact a butterfly.

"How does one become a butterfly?" she asked. "You must want to fly so much that you are willing to give up being a caterpillar."
Trina Paulus – Hope for the Flower





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